How do I cancel my Muthead Supporter subscription?

Cancelling your subscription

Canceling your subscription is rather easy. You will just need to go to your manage subscription page where you will be able to view and manage your subscription. You can find that here.

Click the cancel button displayed in the picture below.

Once you click this button, you will then be taken to another page where you are asked to give feedback and to click the final cancel button. If you click this button your subscription will be canceled.

Double Check Cancellation

Once you have completed the cancellation process, check the page and make sure that the status is set to cancelled.

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    My screen does not have the option to cancel it.


    Also, if you cancel your subscription, does that set it not to auto-renew or does that completely cancel it and you no longer have the supporter benefits, even though your paid subscription isn't done yet.  

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    Hi Daveyboss,

    Canceling the subscription will allow you to keep the features until the end of the subscription time frame that you paid for.

    Also, please submit a support ticket to us and we can help you with your cancelling issue. 

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