How do I create a poll?


This article will provide step by step instructions for creating a poll on Straw Poll.

To get started, go to and you should see a yellow notepad in the center of the screen that looks like the picture below. There is no need to click  a “New poll” link. That is because the home page is the poll creation form.

Name The Poll 

The name of the poll is also the question that you are wanting to ask your participants. Make sure to be clear and detailed in what information you would like to know.

You can name your poll at the top of the notepad where it says "Type your question here, options below".

Enter Poll Options

There are 4 poll options by default. The form will automatically suggest a empty option once you fill in the 4th poll option. Enter your poll options next to the numbers on the notepad.

Poll Options

There are a few final options that you can select before publishing your poll.

  • Duplication Checking: For more information about duplication checking please visit our duplication checking article here
  • Allow multiple poll choices?: This option will allow your participants to chose multiple answers. 
  • Require voters to solve CAPTCHA?: This option will require your participant to solve a short test to determine that they are humans. 

Publishing Your Poll

Once you have selected the options that you would like, make sure to click the "Create Poll" button to publish your poll.

 When you click the "create poll" button a screen will pop up with the URL to your new poll. Make sure to save this URL and share it to start receiving votes.


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