Binder Sync Tool


In just a few seconds, you are able to sync your in-game Madden Ultimate Team binder with Muthead in order to use our powerful sorts and filters to better manage your entire collection. Never again will you have an expensive gold or rare silver player item in your binder and not know it.

How it works

The binder sync tool uses a Chrome browser extension to create a link between your EA Madden Ultimate Team account and your Muthead account which allows us to retrieve data relating to your MUT binder. Here are the steps:

  1. Install the Muthead Binder Sync Chrome extension.
  2. Log in to your EA Origin account that's connected to your MUT team on the EA MUT Web App .
  3. Click the "Update My Binder" button to the right.

It's That Easy!

Because the Chrome extension allows EA's MUT Web App to share your binder data with us, we do not need your account credentials to make this happen. The entire process is completely safe as we never touch your EA Origin username or password.

Need help with the tool?

If you find that you need help with this tool please visit the help forums or message a moderator. A list of available moderators can be found here:

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