How to report a scammer


We fully understand that being scammed is never fun! However, we have no affiliation with EA Sports and do not have the access necessary to recover your stolen content. We encourage you to contact EA support at directly for help recovering the stolen content.

Basic Trading Information

our main goal is to provide a safe community for our members to actively trade in. To do that, we need your help to 'out' scammers and make sure no one suffers a similar fate.

  1. Trading is at your own risk. Please make sure to do the proper research before trading with people you don't know or trust. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Look for scammer tags, check feedback, or ask for a Middle Man.

  2. Muthead is not responsible for your loss if you are scammed. Often times the community, including staff members, will band together to assist a victim. If that happens, it's at the sole discretion of the individuals making that gesture and is strictly voluntary.

  3. We cannot keep the community clean without your help. If you get scammed and don't report it, you are putting others at risk. So please do the right thing.
  4. Betting is not supported in any way on this site. It is entirely at your own risk. This includes coin games!

Reporting a scammer

To report a scammer you will need to visit the scammer accusations forum and post the following information:

  1. MEMBERS INVOLVED:  Please list the Muthead user name, console, and Gamer Tag of yourself and the individual(s) who scammed you. PLEASE POST THE LINKS TO THE ACCOUNT INVOLVED.
  2. What was the agreed deal? EX: chips's 99 AP for ___'s 99 Walter Payton and 25k
  3. PROOF. This is the most important, please include screenshots of conversations, pictures or videos of the deal, or anything that you think would be helpful to our investigation. If your original post or 2nd post does not contain proof, your topic will be locked.
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