Participate In An Auction

To take part in an auction all you need is a server listed on the Minecraft Forum Server List (information on adding a server can be found here), once your server has been added to our list navigate to the Auction page by clicking the Feature Server button on the Server List!

Placing a bid

Enter the amount you would like to bid and click the Place a Bid button, a confirmation dialog will ask you to confirm your bid amount, once confirmed your bid will be placed.

Setting a Maximum Bid

Setting a maximum bid will put the system in charge of bidding on your behalf in $10 increments up to your maximum bid, the system will maintain your position in 1st until your maximum is reached. You may reduce or increase your maximum bid after it has been placed as long as you are still in 1st place.

Bidding Rules

  • Each bid must be in an increment of $10 (eg: $10, $20, $50, $100).
  • A bid must be at least $10 more than your previous bid.
  • If 2 bids are placed for the same amount they will be ordered chronologically.
  • A maximum bid placed below the current top bid will be treated as a normal bid.


At the end of an auction each winner will be notified via email that they have won, the email will include your payment amount and instructions on how to make payment. Servers that are in the 6th or 7th positions at the close of the auction period will be placed in “Standby.” This means that if any of the top five bidders fail to pay, you will be offered a feature slot at your final bid amount. You may decline this spot without penalty. After the payment period has ended, there is a final 24 hour payment reconciliation period. During this period servers in Standby will be contacted if any of the top five bidders failed to pay.

Payments in auctions are final, no refunds will be given. If technical issues prevent your featured server from displaying properly we will provide a prorated refund if we are unable to provide the full featured period.

Featured Server Rules

Featured Servers must abide by the Minecraft Forum Server List Rules at all times. Featured Servers must not change the server they are advertising in their Featured Slot without prior permission from the site Administrators. We reserve the right to terminate featured slots with no refund if these rules are broken.

Auction Support

Support is on hand to help with any Auction related issues, send us an email via

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