Get Featured on the Minecraft Forum Server List

Featuring your Minecraft Server on the Minecraft Forum Server List is a fantastic opportunity to get your server in front of millions of Minecraft players. Featured Minecraft Servers are the first servers visitors to our Server List will see, and Featured Minecraft Servers are displayed across the site: on the homepage, on the forum and in every forum thread!

Featured Server auctions run every two weeks and are open for 72 hours, auctions start on a Thursday at 18:00 UTC and finish on Sunday at 18:00 UTC. There are 5 winning bidders in every auction, with finishing position in the auction deciding the servers position in the Featured Server List. Click here to view and subscribe to a calendar of future auctions.

If you need any help getting set up on the Minecraft Forum Server List, have questions about the Featured Servers auction system or anything else please email us at 

Please check out our articles on participating in an auction and feature placements.

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