Frequently Experienced Problems on Minecraft Forums Servers List

Votes reset

To ensure that our list always remains fresh votes are reset on the 1st of every month. An all time vote count can be found on each servers listing.

Connection Problems

To check if your server is online we need to be able to send requests to it, these requests are made from a server with the IP If your server is behind a firewall you may need to whitelist this IP to ensure that we can successfully query your server. Some Minecraft server hosts run firewalls on their systems that individual server owners can't control, if you're experiencing querying problems and don't host your own server please contact your server host to ensure that they aren't blocking our requests, and if they are ask them to whitelist! If you are receiving "Failed" after using the Test Connection option and your server uses multiple nodes to load balance players please contact us via our support portal or email

Players aren't listed

Your server must be configured to allow third party queries to receive information on who is online on your server. First ensure that your server-port and query.port match, then set enable-query=true in your file (or via your hosts Control Panel if you don't have access to your After editing your you will need to restart your server and wait a couple of minutes.

As with Whitelisting our IP it's possible that your host may have a firewall in place that prevents this feature from working, if you have correctly configured your server and the player list still isn't showing please contact your host and ask them to allow UDP traffic to your query port.

Server removed (or modified)

The Minecraft Forum Global Rules and the Minecraft Forum Server List Rules apply to all listings, if the content of your listing violates any of these rules we will either modify or remove your listing.

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    gazuyeha deo

    Wow this is a wonderful article. I have been there multiple times to create the things that you may want. I have wanted to show you the ncsecu login as they might help those interested in these things.

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