Listing your server

Adding your server

Adding a server to the list is a straight forward automated process which requires administrative access to your server. Fill out the information on the Add Server page and once you've confirmed your server can be queried using the "Test Connection" button you need to update your servers MOTD. The MOTD is either set in your file or with some hosts (such as MCProHosting) it is set via your Control Panel. After you have set your MOTD you'll need to restart your server, once your server has been restarted click "Continue" and if all is well your server will be added to the list.

Once your server is added to the list you'll be taken to a page where you can add optional information, including a description, tags, plugins and upload a banner! Although this information is optional, we encourage every server operator to fill out their entry completely as this will help more Minecraft players find your server, and encourage those that do find it to join!

After your server has been added to the list you can remove the code from your MOTD, the server will remain assigned to your account forever, unless your server changes hostname or IP.

Editing your server

If you're logged into the account that your server is assigned to you'll see a green "Edit" button at the top of the listing. You can access all of your listed servers from anywhere on the site by clicking "My Servers" in the profile drop down at the top right of the website.

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