Downloading and Installing Java

Please follow the following instructions:

  • Go to to start downloading the Java Program
  • Click on the 'Free Java Download' button
  • On the Firefox download page click on the 'Agree and Start Free Download' button
  • The File Download dialog box appears, click on the 'Save File' button
  • Allow the download of the file to your desktop or download folder.
  • Once downloaded double click on the file.
  • The installation process starts. Click the 'Install' button to accept the license terms and to continue with the installation.
  • The installer may present you with option to install these programs when you install Java. After ensuring that the desired programs are selected, click the 'Next' button to continue the installation.
    Note: Most of these are optional and you are free to uncheck these so that you aren't installing software you don't want or use.
  • A few brief dialogs confirm the last steps of the installation process; click 'Close' on the last dialog. This will complete Java installation process.

You may want to reboot your machine following the install.


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