Contacting A Moderator


Muthead handles their own support on If you find an error, need a nickname change or need help with one of the tools on the website then you will need to contact a moderator.

Contacting A Moderator

Contacting a moderator is fairly easy to do. You will need to go to the moderator page which can be found here: The moderator page looks like the image below. 

Once on this page, you will see a list of moderators. You can choose to contact any of the moderators. However, the moderators with the green headers are the moderators that are currently online and active. 

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    Brandon Msson

    I have been bullied and wrongfully banned from your site. One of your moderators Legend 69 banned me simply because I stuck up for myself after being bullied by his Muthead gang "Band of Brothers". I can't believe you guys would allow a mod in your site that has a personal connection to the site.Mods should not be apart of the site what so ever except for moderating. Because you have made a group of friends who played Madden Mobile moderators u have a created a horrible situation for any member who is not there personal buddies..I am requesting and will request every day for the rest of my life that you put an end to bullying and have Legend 69 removed immediately.

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