How do I change the e-mail associated with my account?


The email address associated with your account is very important. You can use it to login to the Curse Network including the Curse Client. We'll send you important information and - if you allow us - newsletters to this address. Finally, you can recover lost account information - like your username and password - using this address. So, checking and updating your account's email address is very important.

Changing Your Email

Like many account settings, they can be accessed on the My Account page (on or click on the orange "My Account" link).

Under the "Profile Options" tab, there is a "Public Email". This address is shown in your public profile and is NOT the address associated with your account.

Under the "Account" tab, this is a "Private Email". This address is the one associated with your account.

Simply copy in the new address and press the "Save" button to change your email.

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