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What are Featured Servers?

Featured servers are servers that have won an auction to be featured on the site. Featured servers are displayed on the Minecraft Forum homepage, at the top of the server list and below forum posts. If you're interested in learning more about how the auction process works click here.

How do I vote?

Visit the servers page on the Minecraft Forum Server List and click the green upvote button, if the server has Votifier enabled you'll be asked to enter your Minecraft username so that the server can be notified that you have voted. You can vote once per day per server, and voting every day is a great way to help spread the word about your favourite server(s). Note: You must have an account and be logged into Minecraft Forum to vote.

How are servers ranked?

Servers are ranked based on the number of votes, the more votes a server has the higher it will rank in our list. The featured server widgets are ordered based on each servers final position in the auction, votes do not impact the featured server list.

Finding a server

At the top of the server list you'll see a search box, from here you can search based on a servers title, plugins and tags. If alternatively you'd like to see a list of all the available search options for you to filter by, then at the top right of the list hover over "Other" and then from there select your filtering criteria. You can pick from tags, plugins, Minecraft version, country and age rating. If you'd like to suggest a new plugin or tag please submit them via this form.

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