Reporting Bad Advertisements


Curse takes extreme care in our advertising.  We make sure that reputable sites and reputable advertisers work with the ad network.  However, sometimes some advertisements may slip through based on location, past internet history, and other such determining factors.  However, this doesn't mean we want you having to deal with bad advertisements.  We don't.  We want you to have an enjoyable experience while on our websites. 

What are Bad Advertisements

Though we block most, some may get through.  Here is a quick list of some advertisements we consider to be bad.

  • Firearms / Weapons
  • Adult / Adult (Porn)
  • Alcohol
  • Suggestive (sexually provocative)
  • Pop-up
  • Gold selling, or anything related to it
  • Excessive flashing
  • Warning (e.g. ad that appears to be a warning window from your computer)
  • Uninitiated audio (audio starts playing without user enabling/hovering)
  • Pop-under (pop-up window that appears behind current window)
  • Floating (e.g. elements in ad float above page’s content. Disable by clicking a sometimes difficult-to-see x/close button)

How You Can Help

Though we monitor our advertisements some may get through that we do not see and may never see as some advertisements can be based on factors such as location or past internet history.  So to help us keep your experience on Curse websites enjoyable you can report  bad advertisements you see here: Report A Bad Advertisement

 Reporting Desktop Ads

Share a screenshot of the ad in question with us.

Find the Ad Call Chain with inspect element in Chrome.

1. Right click on the ad and select “inspect element”


2. Click on the inspect tool then click on the ad and make sure the ad is highlighted in blue. This will highlight the corresponding portion of the ad code in the elements section. 

Highlighted Ad


Highlighted Ad Element


 3. In the elements section, scroll up from the corresponding ad element until you see a div that starts with “google_ads_iframe_/5830997”. Take a screenshot encompassing everything between the highlighted ad element and the “google_ads_iframe_/5830997” div.


5. Right click thethen select Edit Attribute. Copy and paste everything in the in Edit HTMLbox into a text document.  


6. Please submit the screenshot along with the text document.

Reporting Mobile Redirect Ads

1. Submit a screenshot of the redirected page


2. View your browser history and submit a screenshot of all URLs between the intended page and the final redirected page.

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