How to take a screenshot


Many times the support representative will request a screen shot.  It gives the representative a visual of the issue that you are having.  It also will display things you may not think is relevant, but is.

Taking a Screenshot

The best way to make a screenshot is to use the built in screenshot tool Snipping Tool that comes with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. To use this is very simple:

Make sure you have open the screen that you are going to be taking the screenshot of.

Go to your Start menu > Accessories > Snipping Tool


Use the crosshairs to crop (or outline) the area you are to take the screenshot of.

Check the Preview and make sure it's what is needed.

If it is click the Save Snip and save to your desktop or some place you can easily access.

If it isn't then click on the New and try again.

Once you have the screenshot you wanted/needed saved upload the attachment to your next reply by using the Attach File feature in the lower right corner of your reply.



In some cases using the Snipping Tool won't work.  In those cases you will want to use the print screen (Prt Scr).  This is a button right above the insert and delete buttons on your keyboard.

Click that and it will copy your screen.  Now it needs to be turned into a file that can be sent as an attachment.  

Go to your Start menu > Accessories > Paint.  We are using Paint because it is a default program on all Windows OS.

When it opens hit Ctrl + V to paste the prt scr into the program.  If you have multiple monitors it will pick up all of them.  So you may need to clean it down.

Use the crop tool to clean out parts of the shot that aren't needed.  Remember not to crop out any part of web browser or error if that is what the issues you are having is dealing with.  It is important to have as much of that in the shot as possible.

Once you have the image it needs to be saved.  Click the button in the upper left corner > Save as > then choose PNG or JPEG format.

Once saved you'll need to upload the attachment to your next reply by using the Attach File feature in the lower right corner of your reply.

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