Ticket Response Through Email

We are aware that some users are using multiple emails when dealing with our support. In some cases they may have the emails forwarded to another email address. This is cool, however, our system uses your email address to identify you as a user. So when you reply from a different email than the one your ticket is assigned to and our system is expecting the other email it treats it as a different user or that the ticket was intercepted/compromised.

So if you submit a ticket using the email "", and then reply to a Support Agent's response with "", your response won't be processed, and will be possibly quarantined to help protect your account as it believes they are from two different individuals. This is also true of email providers that allow characters such as underscores, hyphens, periods, and +addedtitles that they ignore.

For Example:


Are all seen as the same email by GMail, and you have access to all of them. With Hotmail and Yahoo, a period would make them different emails that different people could have access to. Because of how different providers see these characters (either as the same account or separate accounts) our system thinks they are all different accounts, and using a different format (adding in or removing such a character) will result in your ticket being quarantined by the system, and you not receiving a response from our team.

To help prevent this from happening please use the email address that you had originally submitted the ticket with (it is best to use the email associated with your Curse account if you have access to it). If at anytime it is found that you are needing to reply or respond via a different email account you will either be given specific direction on what you need to do. You can also resubmit your ticket logging in using the correct email address, and mention your old ticket's number and the email used in the new ticket. Do not respond to the old ticket using a different email address, or it may not get a reply.

If you want to avoid this all together you can use our Support Sites Portal, and check and respond to your tickets there. All you will need to do is log in to the account you submitted the ticket under, and click on "Check My Tickets" at the top of the page.

We do apologize for any confusion or issues this may have caused anyone. We hope that this helps users make sure that their tickets and replies get to us so that we can assist them as quickly and accurately as possible.

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