How Do I Change The E-Mail Associated With My Account?


The email address associated with your account is very important. We will send you important information like notifications and/or newsletters to this address if you have that enabled. Finally, you can recover lost account information - like your username and password - using this address. So, checking and updating your account's email address is very important.

Changing Your Email

To start the process of changing your email address you will need to navigate to the My Account tab by going to the top right hand corner of the website and hovering over your username and avatar.


Once you are on the account page you will need to then click the Manage Twitch Button that will take you to a Twitch settings page for your Twitch account. 


While on the Twitch settings page you will need to navigate to the section that says "Email". It is the very first setting on the page. Once you locate that setting you can go ahead and type in your new email address that you want on the account. 


Once you have the new email address entered go ahead and press the "Save Changes" button that is at the top right hand side of the settings. You will also be able to find this button at the bottom right hand side of the settings as well. 


That is it! You are all done changing your email address. You should receive a green notification letting you know that the Profile changes have been saved. 


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